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Friday, May 7, 2010


Earlier this year, the Supreme Court handed down a far-reaching decision that allows corporations and unions to spend unlimited advertising funds in candidate elections. The practical effect of the decision in Citizens United v. FEC is that such unlimited spending can be done in secret!

We must act quickly to protect the 2010 elections from being swamped with secret corporate and union money. Legislation to require complete disclosure of corporate and union electioneering has been introduced in the House and Senate, and the League of Women Voters is strongly supporting this bill, known as the DISCLOSE Act.

Please contact your Senators and Representative and urge them to support the DISCLOSE ACT. Tell them that they must act quickly, in time for the 2010 elections.

The DISCLOSE Act will create strong new disclosure rules, require more complete disclaimers by those running ads, bar election spending by foreign corporations, create clearer coordination rules, and prohibit election ads by large federal contractors or corporations that receive federal bailout funds. Now, even foreign corporations can purchase ads in an effort to sway voters, and they can do so secretly.

We urgently need enhanced disclosure in time for the 2010 elections. Voters deserve to know who is paying for election advertising. Secret money, especially secret foreign money, has no place in America's democracy.

Act now to urge Congress to act quickly to protect the 2010 elections.


1. Contact your Senators and Representative now. Tell them to support the DISCLOSE Act, and tell them to take action before the 2010 elections.

2. Send this alert to other concerned citizens - your grassroots network, your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Encourage them to contact their Senators and Representative today!


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